New Grains Gluten-Free Bakery:

the difference between Living gluten-free
and Loving gluten-free.

Our moist, delicious gluten-free products are hand-crafted and baked fresh daily at our 100% dedicated and certified gluten-free facility, then shipped out to you the very same day, ensuring the freshest product delivered right to your door. Our extensive line of gluten-free and often vegan-friendly products allow you and your family to enjoy your favorite baked goods without compromising taste or texture.

People are Talking…

“Always a treat! Receiving a package from New Grains is always a treat for me and my family. The sourdough is amazing and the english muffins top that. They each give me the texture and taste that I look for in bread. I stock up and enjoy a little bit each day”

Angelia B.

“Best Gluten-Free Bread I Have Found! Believe me… I have tried many gluten-free breads. New Grains Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread has fulfilled that need for a great sandwich bread, while remaining gluten free. Moist and tasty, I wish I could give it more than just five stars!”

Donetta G.

“My favorite bread! This bread is by far my favorite bread that I have tried! I love that it is soft but has all natural ingredients in it. Thanks so much for all of the great products that you offer! I have really loved all of them that I have tried!”

Tracy P.

“For the first time since my celiac diagnosis a year ago, I ate a piece of bread. Not toasted! Nothing on it! Just bread! It was glorious! I also had a granny b style cookie that was soooooo delicious I almost cried! Willing to let me try it before I buy it (obviously only available in store for taste testing). I was shocked. I never thought I’d find good bread again. I can’t wait to try every product they offer.”

~Shianne A.

“GREAT Bread and Even Better Service!! GREAT bread and the staff worked hard for us to get our order despite the holiday (July 4th) that fell in the middle of the week! Bread freezes well and tastes great!”

– Lisa D.

“Gluten free bread! Wow what a delicious tasting bread!! I also make my own bread but haven’t found the right combination of flavors and lasting freshness.. This tastes great even after it’s been in the freezer for weeks!!!”

– Mildred W.

“INCREDIBLE! Oh my gosh- I haven’t had a real roll like this since I became gluten free. It’s ridiculous. I could’ve sat there and eaten the whole bag in one sitting, but I’m trying to ration it out a little bit. Wanna know how good they are? I ate them unheated, no butter, no nothing, just plain and thought they were the best thing ever. I normally have to heat gluten free things and put a little something on them, but not these. I will definitely be reordering! “

– Johnna H.

“I have tried several different brands of gluten free bread & almost gave up on bread until I found this bakery! This bread is the best gluten free bread I ever had!!”

– Sandra L.

“These breads are the best around! The texture and consistency is phenomenal and no gritty aftertaste like others. Will definitely purchase again.”

– Linda N.

“Thank you! Can’t believe you have made a bread that is better than bread with wheat flour. God Bless”

– Lisa B.